Wij van iPhonemania houden van gratis spullen, en we weten zeker dat jij er ook van houdt! iOS Promo heeft een monster Jailbreak Tweak actie gestart. Mocht je het nog niet gehoord hebben geeft iOS Promo 10 gratis licenties van de onderstaande populaire Jailbreak Apps weg. Deze actie loopt van nu tot 5 juli, wees dus snel!

De regels van deze giveaway is eenvoudig. U dient de ontwikkelaars te volgen op twitter en de volgende tweet rond te sturen:

Huge app, tweak and theme #giveaway including 100 licenses from some of the top Cydia packages. Check it out: www.iOS-Promo.com

  • Mail Enhancer Pro – adds multiple signatures, HTML composition, message filters and much more to the stock Mail app in iOS. By Stefan Mollenkamp.
  • Springtomize 2 – allows you to customize a number of aspects of your device, including the Dock, LockScreen, Folders and Icons. By Filippo Bigarella.
  • AdBlocker – reduces data usage and loading time for websites by blocking annoying image-based ads. Works with Safari and most third-party browsers. By Yiller.
  • FullScreen for Safari – makes browsing in Safari much more efficient with programmable gestures. Also includes full-screen browsing. By Yiller.
  • CallBar – intuitive notification and control system for the Phone app in iOS, allowing you to accept and decline calls with ease. By Elias Limneos and Joshua Tucker.
  • SBRotator 5 – enables native rotation to your springboard and Lock screen on your iPhone or iPod touch. By Elias Limneos.
  • AutoAnswer – setup your iPhone to auto-answer incoming phone and FaceTime calls from a customizable list of contacts. By Elias Limneos.
  • Masks – lets you customize the mask overlays for all of your springboard icons, wallpapers and launch images. By Elias Limneos.
  • ScrollingBoard – enables you to place an unlimited amount of icons in your iOS dock and folders. Also has a unique widgets feature. By Elias Limneos.
  • PasswordPilot Pro – will automatically enter your password, so you don’t have to, when downloading App Store apps or using FindMyFriends. By Filippo Bigarella.